Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In this Terms and Conditions policy, the words “We”, “Our,” or “Company” shall represent ceanswer.com hereafter. An individual who buys any kind of services, free or paid from our website may hereafter be termed as “Client” or “Customer”. The client agrees to observe the policies and is responsible for all actions performed within this website. The term "Product" refers to various types of academic solutions, we offer in our website. It includes but not limited to all kinds of academic assignments, essays, Q/A answers, reviews and other written academic papers purchased or downloaded freely from here. The term "Order" refers to the request that the client makes to buy the required academic assistance by entering information into the digital form on our website.

Our Services

CEAnswer offers the services mentioned below.

  • Our clients can ask Q / A questions and get their answers either by paying a base rate of $ 5 or by paying an additional charge together with the base rate depending upon the complexity level of their question.
  • Our clients can download essays free of cost that are provided in our website and published as “free”.
  • Our clients can buy essays from our website for prices that are listed here for each essay under the “essays” tab or by clicking “buy” button from individual essay pages.
  • Our clients can request for a rewrite essay of those model essays published in our website.
  • Our clients can make an order for a freshly written plagiarism free paper as per the price calculated by filling out the digital form provided in our website. This service can be availed by clicking “order now” button from any page of our website.

We recommend our clients to review and understand all our terms and conditions, Revision policy and terms for Money back guarantee before purchasing any service from us. Clients must be accurate with their order descriptions and can request a revision if necessary. Please review the revision policy for understanding the conditions on requesting revisions.

Revision Policy

CEAnswer thrives to ensure 100% satisfaction. However, there can be rare occasions when we don’t meet the customer expectations and hence require a revision. Client should understand the terms of our revision policy as follows:

  • The revision request is carried out free, without charging any additional amount if the requirements and instructions for paper remain the same as of the original order and we acknowledge that the instructions were not followed by the writer / expert.
  • The instructions for revision must not contradict or differ from the initial or original requirements of the paper. If we decide that the revision instruction is different from the original one, the client will not be eligible for a free revision.
  • However, clients can still submit revision requests on their completed orders with amendments in the original order instructions. If there are changes in the instructions that would result in an additional work for the writer /expert, the client should have to pay for the additional work. Our support team will inform the client regarding this additional charge.
  • All revision requests should be made within 14 days of delivery of the order.

By reading and comprehending the above information, our clients agree to be bound legally with the terms provided in this revision policy.

Money Back Guarantee

Our talented team will always try to deliver premium academic services to our clients. Still there can be rare occasions when things go wrong. Money Back Guarantee gives customers the right to request refund for not fulfilling the required or promised standards of our service. We call your attention to specific situations when we can offer a refund.

  • The customer is entitled to a full refund if we are unable to find a writer / expert to complete your order within the requested deadline. The customer shall be notified within the quickest time.
  • If the customer cancels the order after a writer/ expert was assigned to work, he/she shall be eligible for a refund of 50 % if the writer has spent more than 50 % of the time required to complete the order.
  • If the customer seeks a refund due to late delivery from the writer/ expert, the company will analyse the situation and grant a refund accordingly. If the delay happened because of the late upload of the needed materials from the customer`s side, no refund will be granted.
  • If the customer is not satisfied and would like to get a refund instead, our administration team will conduct an investigation regarding the claim. and refund will be issued based on its result.
  • In order to cancel the order placed by mistake, customer needs to contact us as soon as possible. The order will be treated valid if we do not receive any cancellation before a writer has been assigned. You can still cancel the order but the amount of refund may vary as per the above conditions.
  • If the claim is that the paper is plagiarized, (for custom essay orders) our administration team will investigate the matter. If the claim is found valid, the client shall be refunded accordingly.
  • Please be reminded that we do not give any guaranteed high grades. The paper that we create is only for your guidance. We do not offer refund for those cases where the customer claims he/she got a lower grade.
  • Once the customer receives the refund confirmation, the company will process it within 5 business days from the confirmation date.

Accepting the Terms

Our clients are required to accept the Terms and Conditions for availing our paid services or for using our free products. As per the Accepting terms policy of ceanswer.com, clients are required to read and follow all policies on our website.

Modification of Agreement

ceanswer.com holds the right to edit or modify the terms and conditions at any time. Our clients are recommended to check the same periodically to understand changes (if any).

Site Access

Our clients are allowed to make orders and purchase our Products by providing their email ids as identification. Clients should not add changes to this website without receiving our permission. Our clients are allowed to use the purchased products for their personal purpose. Other users are not allowed to copy, sell or reproduce content from our website.

Warranties for Placing an Order

By placing an order, our clients do the action with agreement to the following points:

  • CEAnswer will accept customer’s order after reviewing the requirements and allot a writer/ expert to complete the order.
  • Our experts are professionally qualified to answer questions in specific categories.
  • Our writers are instructed to deliver a 100 % new plagiarism free product.
  • Our writers will follow the required standards for citation when completing the order.
  • Our writers will deliver you the product in required formatting styles (wherever applicable) such as Harvard, APA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, etc.
  • The calculated price for your order includes the payment for data collection, research, writing, proofreading and final delivery.
  • CEAnswer holds the right to publish products in our own website after a specific time period of the client purchasing the product.
  • Clients shall not use the purchased products for personal profit by redistributing them or by copying content.


Clients use the website ceanswer.com on their own interest and on their own risk. This website is owned by the company CEAnswer. We are unrestricted to allow or prohibit access to this website for any individuals, at any time and for any reason. We guarantee our clients that this website can be accessed without errors or other problems. We also guarantee that the website is safe for browsing and is free from viruses and malware. We are diligent to provide clients with a safe and trouble-free website experience; however, some unexpected and unavoidable issues may occur. For this reason, clients are responsible for using the website and downloading any content from the website. The company shall not be hold responsible for any physical damage to computers or any information lost due to the use of this website.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

The client accepts that titles and interests and rights remain the property of ceanswer.com. The client does not intend to buy titles and interests or rights regarding this website. The client agrees not to attempt to change this website or its content, or attempt to create a parallel website by changing documentations and software.


All personal information that the client shares with our website will strictly be considered as private. We shall not, under any circumstances share it with third parties. The clients agree that they will not expose information purchased from our website. Our company owns all information presented on this website. This agreement between the company ceanswer.com and the client is a confirmation of this fact.


  • The customer acknowledges that it does not obtain the copyright to the product supplied through our website services.
  • The customer accepts that our writers do an independent personalized research service to assist him/her in advancing their education standards and that the product purchased from us may not be submitted as their own, to any individual or institution.
  • We agree by accepting your order that we shall not place the completed product on any other website or essay bank. However, we hold the right to keep the product in our database and publish it in our website after a specific period of time.

Promotional Email Campaigns

The customer acknowledges that we may use their email ids to inform about our services, products or promotions which may be of interest to them. We will always give our customers the opportunity of opting out of such marketing communications.


  • The Customer is responsible to check their institution’s rules and regulations regarding the use of websites in aiding their academic tasks. We are not liable for any action from the customer side if it is in breach of the institution’s regulations.
  • The Agency reserves the right to refuse any order and/or to refuse to enter into an agreement with any customer and all terms in this agreement is subject to this reservation.
  • Both parties agree that these terms and conditions are intended to be legally binding from the commencement date.